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Collegium Gratia - The University Grace

Blessed is God in thy gifts, and holy in all thy works.  Thou openest thine hand and fillest every living thing with thy blessing.

Thou hast made heaven and earth and all things between.  Thanks be to God for the gift of our beloved university and all its powers.

Thanks be to God for its honored founders, and for all our benefactors, by whose benefits we here are brought up in godliness and learning.  Pour, we beseech thee, Lord God, thy grace into our minds and hearts so that, rightly and to thy glory, we may with them be brought to life immortal.

Lord all holy, Father all powerful, and God eternal, who feedest us from our youth, bless these thy gifts which we receive, and fill our hearts with joy and gladness, that we, having enough to satisfy us, may abound in every good work to glorify thy name and nourish humanity through the Cross.

Grant that we may live honest and good lives and follow those studies which may show thy glory and support thy Church,

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.